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Custom Glass Installation Ideas for Your Storefront

Storefront Glass
The exterior of your retail business is the first thing customers see, so you want to make a pleasing impression. Luckily, your storefront's windows can be upgraded in attractive ways simply by adding a custom touch.

Replacing your window glass can also make your business more energy efficient and modern. Here are some custom window installation ideas to consider for your retail business's storefront.

Circular Muntin Addition

Place a round window (also known as a circular mutiny) above your main front door to add dimension and character to your storefront. The unique design of a perfectly round window gives your retail store a modern and charming appeal and turns your building into a remarkable landmark for customers to locate your business. 

A round window looks especially alluring if your storefront has a pitched roof that could use softening with round lines. If a round window is too far-fetched for your design ideas, then consider an arched window in a half-circle above your doorway for the same alluring effect without compromising your storefront's original appeal.

Frosted/Etched Glass

Consider installing frosted or etched glass windows in your storefront to give your establishment a streamlined and private appeal. Frosted glass installed in all your front windows or your main entryway adds texture to your business front while allowing your building to stand out so it can be easily found by customers.

Etched glass is an alternative to install if you want decorative windows that highlight storefront displays. Etched glass can be designed with a frame of decorative patterns, including:
  • Thickly lined borders
  • Floral or leaf etchings
  • Geometric shapes
  • Corner edging
Speak to your window glass expert about custom designs for your frosted or etched glass windows. The right design can frame your entryway in positive ways that showcase window displays or give the main area of your store the privacy you desire.

Reflective/Tinted Glass

There are many ways you can customize your new storefront window glass by investing in a window tint. Tints are beneficial in many ways: tints help reduce sun glare within your building, offer added privacy, and give basic windows an upgraded, modern appeal. You can also enjoy energy efficiency provided by tinted windows.

Reflective glass is a wise option and comes in many hues, including a light green to a dark gray tint. Mirrored windows are fully reflective from the outside while allowing full visibility of the outdoors from within for greater intimacy and an exclusive appeal your customers can appreciate.

When choosing tinted or reflective windows for your business, discuss with your window installation expert the benefits of replacing your existing glass with double pane tinted windows or simply placing a tint on your existing glass. Depending on the condition of your current windows, you may be able to add a reflective or colored tint to upgrade your storefront's exterior.

Stained Glass

Stained glass is whimsical and charming and adds a beautiful spectrum of colorful light to your storefront. Since stained glass is very vibrant and colorful, you will want to install small panes of glass above your main entry door or on smaller side windows to achieve a beautiful effect that doesn't overpower the rest of your store's allure. Installed correctly, stained glass windows can last for decades.

There are many ways you can customize your storefront simply by upgrading your windows. You can install a window tint to existing windows or replace your older windows with new and modern styles in a variety of finishes.

Your window installation expert will help you choose the best decorative windows for your store. Allow our team of window specialists at All American Glass to help you transform your business in beautiful ways.