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Glass Patio Door Maintenance

Glass Door in Patio Deck
Your glass doors won't take care of themselves. Whether it's smudges from the kids' hands or your furry best friend's muddy paws, the patio glass is constantly at the mercy of all kinds of messes. Even if you're kid and pet-free, you still have the elements, outdoors critters and all kinds of debris that can land on your doors.

Along with keeping the glass clean and pristine, you also have to make sure to maintain the strength of the doors. This includes checking for cracks, chips and anything else that would degrade the integrity of the glass.

What do you need to know about maintaining your glass patio doors? Take a look at some simple steps that can extend the life of the glass and make the doors look better longer.

Use Mild Cleaning Solution

There's no need to use harsh cleaners on your glass doors. Abrasive cleansers or powerful chemicals can etch the glass, causing damage. Not only will this reduce the visibility through the glass, but it takes away from how the door looks and can cause problems down the road.

Instead of going with something harsh, a simple solution of water and mild detergent or vinegar will work well. Use these mixes regularly to clean everyday gunk and grime off of the door. Make sure to clean the glass often. This helps to stop build-up from taking over your door. The less you clean, the more difficult it will be to make sure that the glass is clear.
Along with using a gentle cleaner, never use a power washer to clean the door. This could damage the glass, causing it to crack or break.

Go Lint-Free

Even though one side of the patio glass faces the outdoors, you still need to try your best to keep dust and lint off of it. Any fibers that are left on the glass will show through, making your view from the indoors look blurry or dull.

Instead of using a regular towel or paper towels, try a microfiber or lint-free cleaning cloth. These are made specifically for glass and other surfaces that easily gather dust. If you're in a pinch, a crumpled newspaper is a better alternative to paper towels. Why? The fibers in newsprint won't separate as easily. This means less dust on your surface.

If you're worried about the ink transferring onto the glass, test the paper on another surface first. Most modern newspaper are printed with a soy-based ink. This tends to stay put and not bleed off when you clean. If you still have worries, a crumpled coffee filter can work too.

Maintain the Other Patio Door Parts

Along with the glass, you also need to keep the rest of the door clean. You can gently cleanse the interior of the frame, head stop and track with a cloth and mild detergent. Avoid anything oily or adding lubricants to the track. This may make it possible for the rollers to slide and the glass doors to fall off.

If your door has a screen, remove the screen before cleaning. Use a mild soapy mixture and a garden hose to get rid of any dirt or grime. Let the screen dry before replacing it. This is the perfect time to clean the glass. Now

Get Cracks and Chips Fixed

What happens if you notice cracks or chips as you're cleaning? These aren't issues that you should fix on your own. What looks like a small crack can quickly spread and cause your door to shatter. Whether you need a new piece of glass for your door or a professional repair, All American Glass can help.