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Why Insulated Windows Are the Best for Modern Homes

Installing Windows Insulation
Due to their better insulation, double- and triple-glazed windows are often promoted as being great for the earth and an effective way to help you live a greener life. But they're not just for environmentally minded people. Well-insulated, energy-efficient windows can increase comfort, offer improved performance, and help your home's systems work together more affordably. Here's how.

Well-Insulated Windows Reduce Drafty Areas

If your house is large, you don't want it to succumb to the big, drafty house stereotype. Not only does escaping heat contribute to global warming and the urban heat island effect, but it also causes problems that matter to any homeowner, even if not environmentally minded.
For example, heat-leaking windows can make the place less comfortable, make it more difficult to keep the temperatures stable throughout each room, and make it infeasible to use window seats or even seats near the windows in the winter. Use double- or triple-glazed windows to avoid these difficulties.
If you have a small house, heat loss is even more important because you don't have any space to spare, so you may be forced to sit by the windows even if it's not comfortable. Insulated windows reduce the amount of heat that escapes through the window, which means you don't avoid the windows when it's cold outside.

Well-Insulated Windows Reduce Energy Use

If your windows are drafty, you'll end up using more energy in the winter to heat your home. You'll also end up using more energy in the summer to cool your home. Insulated windows can help reduce this effect because no energy is wasted with extra heat or cool air escaping from the windows.
Insulated windows made with low-e glass or equipped with solar films can even keep things cooler when sun is hitting the window directly. This means you'll have to pay less for your air conditioning in the summer, and your unit won't have to work so hard or wear out so fast.

Well-Insulated Windows Reduce Condensation Problems

In a home with high humidity, the windows can be one of the main places where condensation collects. This, in turn, allows water to run down the panes to the windowsill and seep down into the join where the frame fits into the wall, which could cause significant water damage.
In addition to the rot and disintegration that this condensation can cause, it can also start a mold colony either on and around the windowsill or even inside your wall where you can't see it. Mold can reduce the resale value of your home, compromise the integrity of the materials it grows on, and necessitate expensive cleanup.
Mold can also be a health and safety hazard for everyone who lives in the home. It doesn't just cause an itchy throat; it can have serious health repercussions, especially for individuals who have existing respiratory or immune problems. Well-insulated windows that don't collect condensation can help you avoid water damage and mold problems around the windows.

Well-Insulated Windows Protect Against Noise

Just as a single layer of glass is one of the least thermally efficient parts of your house, it's also one of the least acoustically efficient parts as well. If you live in the city, with the sounds of traffic, industrial parks, and other noise pollution in the area, better-insulated windows can be a real boon.
To increase sound reduction properties, you can choose both windows with double- or triple-glazed construction and laminated glass.
All American Glass can help you choose, find, and correctly install just the right windows to help you save energy and money and improve comfort, longevity, and soundproofing in your house. Get in touch with us to discuss the type of window you're looking for and find out what your options are for durable, high-performance, aesthetically pleasing windows.